The Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing use to say this about data:

“People or computers can find patterns in data to perceive information, and information can be used to enhance knowledge. Since knowledge is prerequisite to wisdom, we always want more data and information. But, as modern societies verge on information overload, we especially need better ways to find patterns.”


To be acute is to be marked by keen discernment or intellectual perception, especially of subtle distinctions. “Cute”, the abbreviated version of the word, has come to mean both shrewd and attractively small.


The merging of the two words has been chosen to represent my specialty: producing efficient tools and systems to assist with incisive data analysis.

Datacute Blog Author

My name is Stephen Denne. A small sampling of the words I would use to describe myself would be: christian, husband, father, software architect, java developer. I was born in 1972, and currently live in Christchurch New Zealand, working for Datamail NZ, developing an online document archive product named VRetrieve.

This blog’s purpose is to be an outlet for some of my thoughts in relation to software development.


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